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    TailorWood is a company focused on creating furniture tailored to the requirements of each customer and instilling in each piece a very high quality. It is a brand that stands out for its professionalism and dedication in the elaboration of each piece.
    More than simple pieces of furniture, TailorWood manages to offer uniqueness in each project, which is one of the characteristics that highlights the brand in the market. From kitchens to office furniture and wooden decor pieces, TailorWood is committed to developing each piece of furniture as unique.
    Those responsible for the brand, after recognizing Desassossego Studio's know-how in the creation and management of the brand, entrusted us with its Branding. [ vc_empty_space height="29px"] Having launched the challenge, Desassossego designed all the elements associated with the brand in accordance with the concept developed, from the graphic identity, namely the logo, stationary, among others, to the creation and management of social networks, including the creation of the website, advertising and catalogue. of products.

    TailorWood – Exclusive Furniture – Paredes, Porto


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