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    Within the scope of its Social Responsibility, Desassossego Studio, which has always had an active social sensitivity, over time has been carrying out some activities that have contributed to making social responsibility one of the pillars that define the concept of the Brand.
    That was how the opportunity to develop a project for the Social Calendar Center arose. The Social Calendar Center that was aware of Desassossego Studio's Social Responsibility, mentioned and launched the challenge to Desassossego Studio to idealize, design and implement a project that would grow with the Famalicense community. Thus, the “Faz Parte” project was born at the hands of Desassosego Studio.
    Through a solid strategy and all the communication created, they started activities to spread a message of social awareness, which until now has the participation of several public figures, as well as the Famalicense public. To date, it has reached over 180,000 people, closed 27 partnerships and carried out 16 solidarity actions with large-scale membership.
    In this way we want to thank the Centro Social de Calendar for entrusting the strategy of your project to Desassossego Studio and for allowing us to be part of its history.

    Centro Social de Calendário – V. N. de Famalicão


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